How to Make Popcorn Pop Bigger

  • Author: Sue Dorrens
  • Published: September 13, 2022
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When you make popcorn, you might notice that you have a group of unpopped kernels, or you may find that your popcorn doesn’t look as fluffy as what you can buy at the store. You may have thought that it was the type of kernel, but you can actually determine how fluffy your popcorn will be by the way you cook it? Continue reading to learn how to make popcorn pop bigger.

Try Soaking Your Kernels in Water

One method for popping fluffier popcorn is to soak your popcorn kernels in water for 10 minutes before you cook it. The idea is that the water helps to provide extra moisture, which leads to fluffier popcorn. It will taste the same as your normal popcorn, but it comes out larger, lighter, and fluffier.

If you do a test batch and compare it to a non-soaked serving, you will see that most of the popcorn is larger and fluffier. However, it is a time-consuming process, and it doesn’t taste a lot different.

Cook it on the Stovetop with Oil

When you choose this method, you place the oil in the pan first. One popular option is olive oil. Turn the heat up to high, and start by popping three kernels. Then, you can add the rest of your uncooked popcorn. Let it pop, and once you notice the popping slowing, remove it from the heat. Keep the pan moving so that all of the kernels pop. It should be larger and fluffier than normal.

stovetop fluffier popcorn

Use an Air Popper

You can also use an air popper, which uses nothing more than hot air to pop your popcorn. Turn it on and let it heat up before you use it, as you need to use high heat. Then, add the kernels, and you will notice that you get an explosion each time one pops. This is how you get those giant mushroom-shaped popcorn pieces.

The Microwave

Your popcorn will have trouble yielding large, fluffy pieces of popcorn in a microwave. It will still taste great, but you can’t really make the pieces of popcorn larger. If you want large pieces of popcorn, you should avoid this method.

What Makes Popcorn Smaller?

When you pop popcorn and end up with smaller pieces, there are several things that could be responsible. First, it is important to understand the process of popping and why it happens. The popcorn kernels have moisture locked inside, and when they are heated, the moisture turns to water vapor. As it expands, it eventually causes the kernel to burst open.

If your popcorn kernels have too little or too much moisture inside, they will not pop the way you want.

If you have old popcorn kernels, they might have dried out. This would reduce the size of the finished popcorn. It is important to make sure that you store your popcorn kernels properly if you want large, fluffy pieces of popcorn. If the kernels dry out, they can crack, which allows the moisture to escape. In addition, the same pressure won’t build up when it is heated, so it may have a very small pop, or it may not pop at all.

How to Store Popcorn Kernels

Sometimes it’s good to have a large supply of popcorn available on demand so it’s important to make sure that you store it well.

The first step is to buy quality popcorn that is known for being fresh. Then, you should keep it in an airtight container. The Popcorn Board says that kernels with 13.5% to 14% moisture inside will pop, and leaving them in the heat just one day can reduce this by a percentage point. It doesn’t take long to make it unpoppable.

Once you have the popcorn in an airtight container, you need to place it in a cool, dark spot. The cupboard or pantry closet works well. You don’t want to place it in the refrigerator or freezer because the kernels could lose some moisture content.

If you find that your popcorn has dried out, you can try the water method above. Place the kernels in a jar with a little bit of water, and shake it until the water is absorbed. Then, place the kernels back in the cupboard for a few days and try again. This is a great method for adding moisture back into your popcorn kernels.

Final Thoughts

If you want your popcorn to be big and fluffy, it is important to make sure that it is fresh. You should buy good quality popcorn kernels, and make sure that you store them properly.

Don’t let your popcorn dry out – keep them in an airtight container and store them in a cool, dark place. As long as your popcorn maintains its moisture content, you will have large, fluffy popcorn pieces. Follow the suggestions above to make your popcorn even fluffier.

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