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Kettle Corn vs. Caramel Corn - What's the Difference

Kettle Corn vs. Caramel Corn – What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for a sweet popcorn treat, kettle corn and caramel corn may come to mind. They’re both caramelized, but when it comes to kettle corn vs. caramel corn, what’s the difference?

is popcorn gmo

Is Popcorn GMO?

No, popcorn is not a genetically modified organism when grown in the United States. Many types of corn are GMO, but not the type that popcorn is made from.

How to Get Seasoning to Stick to Popcorn

How to Get Seasoning to Stick to Popcorn

We’ll share the most effective way to get any type of seasoning to stick to your popcorn.

Can Popcorn Expire

Can Popcorn Expire?

Let’s examine the truths behind popcorn’s expiration date and if you can continue munching on this snack past the recommended use-by date.

how to make popcorn with soybean oil

How to Make Popcorn with Soybean Oil

Soybean oil may not sound like an excellent option for popcorn flavor, but it can be a good choice if you’re looking for a higher smoke point oil with a neutral flavor.

5 (More) Crazy Popcorn Recipes You Hadn't Thought Of

5 (More) Crazy Popcorn Recipes You Hadn’t Thought Of

Do you love popcorn but are sick of the same old flavors? How about trying five crazy popcorn recipes you hadn’t thought of before?

Best Tasting Popcorn You Can Make at Home

Best Tasting Popcorn You Can Make at Home

When making popcorn at home, here are some of the ways you can get the best outcome.

is kettle corn healthy

Is Kettle Corn Healthy?

There are benefits of kettle corn, especially when compared to other (more unhealthy) snacks or regular buttered popcorn. It can make for a healthy snack choice, even if you want to watch your sugar intake.

Which Reptiles Can Eat Popcorn

Which Reptiles Can Eat Popcorn?

Perhaps you might have been tempted to share some human snacks, such as popcorn, with your pet during meal times. But is this safe? Which reptiles can eat popcorn?