Beginners Guides

Learn all about Popcorn and how to make perfectly popped popcorn!

Foods You Can Pop Like Popcorn

Whether it’s crazy curiosity or wild experimentation in the kitchen, trying to find foods you can pop, like popcorn, sounds fun.

How to Pop Popcorn on a BBQ

There are no hard and fast rules for how to pop popcorn on a grill. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you like your popcorn. So you have a variety of options to consider for your next BBQ, and here are the best ways to pop popcorn on a grill.

Delicious Popcorn Mix In Ideas

It’s time for a movie and your favorite snack – popcorn! However, as much as you love it, you’re wanting to jazz it up a little. Throw in a few candies and voilà – a popcorn mix in! There are hundreds of popcorn mix ideas to try. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Ideas for a Popcorn Bar – Toppings Decorations and more!

Are you planning a wedding, a baby shower or a milestone birthday bash and are stuck for ideas for snacks for your guests? A popcorn bar is a perfect choice!

Can You Cook Popcorn In The Oven?

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to make flavorful popcorn without using a microwave or waiting by the stove watching kernels pop, read on for some delicious inspiration!

How to Pop Popcorn Over a Campfire

Making popcorn on a camping stove is one of the easiest camping hacks you can pull off. Read on for all the info.

Your Favorite Popcorn Recipes

Most people will gravitate toward a sweet, savory, or spicy option when asked how they like their popcorn, it’s never too late to stand out from the crowd with a cool popcorn recipe you’ve never tried before.

22 Different Ways to Pop Popcorn

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the different ways to pop popcorn – some of which are a little unique even for us!

Why Your Popcorn Pops Too Small

A lack of moisture is the number one reason why your popcorn pops too small. It’s normal for a popcorn kernel to pop to 40 to 50 times its original size. But when the moisture level of kernels is too low, they’ll pop to a disappointing size.