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Learn all about Popcorn and how to make perfectly popped popcorn!

What is Black Popcorn? – Everything You Need to Know

Black popcorn is made from black corn which originates from Peru. It is known for being heirloom corn. A distinctive trait of black popcorn is its small size. The kernels and the popped popcorn are smaller than an average-sized piece of yellow popcorn.

Is Popcorn A Fire Hazard

Is Popcorn A Fire Hazard?

There are lots of ways to cook popcorn, but nearly all of them can cause popcorn to catch fire. Thankfully, popcorn fires are rare, and even when they do happen, they can usually be easily contained.

hulless popcorn

What is Hulless Popcorn?

You’ve probably heard the term hulless popcorn being branded around for a while. Many people say that it’s better than normal popcorn. But we’ll let you into a secret…hulless popcorn doesn’t exist.


7 Popcorn Party Ideas to make your Party Pop!

You’re having a party and what better way to make it pop than having some popcorn! Here, we’ll give you seven popcorn party ideas to keep your guests wanting more.

Can Raccoons Eat Popcorn

Can Raccoons Eat Popcorn?

Raccoons can comfortably eat popcorn without any side effects. Raccoons are omnivores, meaning their bodies can easily digest foods from plants or animals.

can geese eat popcorn?

Can Geese Eat Popcorn?

Great news! Geese can eat popcorn. Like other birds that can eat popcorn, geese should only ever eat popcorn that is plain and has been air-popped.

Can Bears Eat Popcorn

Can Bears Eat Popcorn?

Bears can eat popcorn without experiencing any health effects. This happens because bears are omnivores.

Can Foxes Eat Popcorn

Can Foxes Eat Popcorn?

Let’s find out more about foxes and popcorn and whether you should feed it to them.

How Many Cups of Popcorn in a Bag

How Many Cups of Popcorn in a Bag?

Like most food items in the US, popcorn is measured in cups. There are usually between 10 and 12 cups of popcorn in a typical bag of popcorn.